The Science – How Zenogel Works

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Many women with occasional or persistent vaginal dryness are given the message that this issue is completely under their control. If you are one of them, you may have been told that you just need to learn to relax and get lost in the moment, that once that spark of desire is ignited, your body will just know what to do. Unfortunately, alleviating vaginal dryness is typically not as easy as changing your mindset, especially if the underlying cause is a hormonal imbalance or a medical condition…

Sexual Problems

Whether or not you know exactly what is causing your vaginal dryness, you are well aware that this issue is drastically reducing the enjoyment you get from intimate encounters. You’ve tried fantasizing and prolonging foreplay to no avail, and those drugstore lubes just left you feeling cold, clinical, and slimy. Still, you’re hopeful that there is something out there that can help!

The information provided about Zenogel likely piqued your interest right away. You are intrigued by the idea of a female sexual lubricant that can not only replenish missing vaginal moisture, but also enhance sexual pleasure. You also like the fact that the product does not contain any parabens or silicone. Still, there is one question that must be answered to your satisfaction before you place an order: “How exactly does Zenogel work?”

Zenogel is a comprehensive formulation of sexual enhancers that have been extensively studied and botanical extracts that can provide rich, silky smooth hydration!*

The all-natural blend of ingredients in Zenogel effectively alleviates vaginal dryness while dramatically increasing sensitivity and sensation.* Zenogel is the most luxurious, most comprehensive female sexual lubricant on the market!*

Zenogel delivers the following benefits to drastically increase sexual pleasure:

  • Alleviates vaginal dryness with a single application*
  • Stimulates blood flow to the clitoris and vagina*
  • Makes it easier to achieve powerful orgasms*

Zenogel Provides Silky Lubrication And Encourages Your Body to Produce Its Own Moisture!*

Provides Silky Lubrication

When a woman’s sexual desire is awakened, one of the first physical responses is an increase in blood flow to the genital region, which in turn stimulates the release of natural lubrication from the vaginal walls. Moisture can be produced in response to deep kissing, erotic touch, or even sensual daydreams and thoughts. As a woman becomes more excited and experiences pleasurable sensations, additional lubrication is generated. For a variety of reasons, however, some women may not produce adequate amounts of lubrication, which reduces the intensity of pleasurable sensations.

Vaginal dryness can also make foreplay and intercourse uncomfortable or even painful.

Zenogel contains a number of plant-based ingredients that are effective hydrators and moisturizers. The olive squalene in Zenogel is a silky oil that can make the vagina more slippery, while the shea and cocoa butters further enhance moisture levels in the vaginal region without leaving a sticky or heavy residue behind.* Finally, the aloe vera extract in the Zenogel formulation has soothing and hydrating properties. The lubrication provided by this blend of extracts not only effectively addresses the common problem of vaginal dryness, but also enhances sexual sensation to stimulate the release of natural moisture from the vaginal walls.

Zenogel Directly Stimulates Blood Flow to The Vaginal And Clitoral Areas to Maximize Sensitivity and Erotic Sensation!*

While the male penis and the female clitoris may look like entirely different structures, they actually share some important similarities. Like the penis, the clitoris contains erectile tissues with “chambers” that are capable of holding blood. Sexual arousal and stimulation cause the amount of blood flowing into these erectile tissues to increase. This results in the clitoral area becoming slightly enlarged and highly sensitive to physical contact and pressure. Clitoral stimulation is what results in the most intense erotic pleasure for most women, and is typically necessary in order for a woman to achieve an orgasm. Blood flow to the vaginal region also increases when a woman is aroused, which can improve sensation and encourage the body to produce its own natural vaginal lubricant.

Zenogel contains an amino acid called L-arginine that is commonly used in sexual enhancement products. It is well-known for its ability to optimize blood flow to the genital area. It works by opening the blood vessels found in both the clitoral and vaginal regions. This allows for a higher level of blood flow into tissues, which causes them to become fully engorged and more sensitive to all forms of sexual stimulation.*

Zenogel Gives Your Body Exactly What it Needs to Become Highly Aroused so You Can Experience Amazing Orgasms!*

The female orgasm is associated with feelings of ecstasy and bliss, and several things typically occur during the period leading up to a powerful climax. Blood flow to the pelvic region increases, and the vaginal walls begin to secrete lubrication. Muscle tension in the erogenous zones builds as a woman becomes more and more excited in response to intimate contact. Finally, at the peak of pleasure, the accumulated muscle tension is released in a series of contractions (i.e. the female orgasm).

Amazing Orgasms

All of the ingredients in Zenogel work together to drastically enhance female pleasure and increase a woman’s chances of experiencing an intense orgasm.* As discussed earlier, Zenogel contains L-arginine to boost blood flow to the erotic zones of the body. It is also formulated with natural lubricants that feel very similar to the body’s own moisture and stimulate the secretion of additional lubrication from the vaginal walls.* Additionally, Zenogel contains an optimal amount of menthol USP that directly stimulates the nerve endings in the clitoris to create a pleasant tingling sensation that many women find highly exciting and erotic.*

Zenogel is light years ahead of ordinary lubes that do little else than coat sexual organs in a sticky, slimy jelly! Its enticing texture and potent sexual enhancers will make you moan in ecstasy in response to the slightest touch and help ensure that every session of slippery, slick sex will finish with that famous and much-fantasized-about “big O”!*

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